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Robert was the founder of the business with his wife Val, and initially came up the concept of an oat straw chaff creating the Honeychop brand. In the first few years Robert and Val not only made and bagged the product themselves, but Robert also used to deliver it. Nowadays, Robert still very much has his hand in the business, but takes it a lot easier than he used to, picking and choosing his favourite jobs. In the summer you will often find him out on the combine and if he can not be found on the farm you will more than likely find him on the golf course.

The definition of a “coloured” horse or pony is one whose coat colour is either (piebald) or white and any other colour (skewbald), e.g. bay, roan, chestnut; with a patch of naturally occurring white coat. This white patch must be on the body above the level of the stifle or elbow, excluding any face markings.

Since 1978 our family-run business has provided insurance for a wide range of clients.
Our tailor-made policies have ensured we remain one of the leading brokers for car, household and van insurance, as well as our specialist horsebox, motorcycle carriers and horsebox roadside rescue polices. Read More

CTR Services Uk

Providing Telecoms, Hosted VOIP Phone Systems, Broadband, Webhosting, Business Email & More
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All Agnew Equine vets are experienced and have dedicated and developed their careers to looking solely after horses and ponies. As a client of Agnew Equine you will receive a service and advice you can trust. This also means that for emergencies out of office hours you will always see a vet whose specialist interest lies in horses and not in small animals or farm work.

BlueChip Specialists in Horse feed and nutrition visit their website here


Improves blood circulation
Stimulates soft tissue
Improves joint mobility
Removes harmful toxins

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Olympia Exhibition Centre is located in Hammersmith, West London. Olympia Tube Station is open for the Show and has quick links to Clapham Junction National Rail Station and Earls Court Tube Station. Read More Here

Welcome to Onley Grounds Equestrian Complex, a new equestrian competition centre in the heart of the Midlands with superb facilities and an ongoing development programme. Read More Here


Due to the popularity and numbers in the children’s riding pony classes the National Pony Society Council agreed that a new Society should be formed to take full responsibility for all matters connected with the Ridden Pony. The British Show Pony Society in association with The National Pony Society was founded in 1949, with the aims to protect and improve the showing of the Children’s Riding Ponies by promoting classes and competitions for Children’s Ponies. In 1954 it was agreed to simplify the name and the British Show Pony Society stood alone. Read More Here