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Acheivement Awards


The purpose of the Achievement Awards is to acknowledge, encourage and reward the capabilities of the senior pony and horse by offering a points system when competing in the wide range of classes and disciplines in the equestrian world. This scheme runs from local level through to national level.

This is open to all ponies/horses, stallions/mares/geldings 15 years of age & over and registered with SSADL. The competition runs from 1st January to 31st December. Points can only be gained once the application has been accepted.

Entry fee: FREE OF CHARGE for each pony/horse, once you become a 2018 SSADL member. Entry forms will be enclosed with your membership.

Extra results cards can be obtained free of charge by sending a A5 the SSADL Membership Office.

It is the competitor’s responsibility to complete the card correctly and ensure correct points are allocated.

A pony/horse can only compete in one section.

All entrants must register in one of the following groups (please specify on your application form which group you are entering):

Pre-Senior (15 – 18 years)

Group 1 – Ponies 148cms& under

Group 2 – Horses exceeding 148cms

Senior (19 – 23 years)

Group 3– Ponies 148cms & under

Group 4 – Horses exceeding 148cms

Senior Plus (24 years and over)

Group 5 – Ponies not exceeding 148cms

Group 6– Horses exceeding 148cms

Results cards must be signed by the Judge/Secretary of each competition entered where the combination has been placed 1st – 6th to gain points for the SSADL Achievement Awards.

It is the responsibility of competitors to complete and total their own scores and to keep their scorecard safe. Completed results cards to be returned to Show Office: Attention of Mr T Frost, Achievement Awards Suncrest 119 High Lane, Brown Edge, Stoke–on Trent, Staffordshire, ST6 8RT, postmarked no later than 5th January 2019. No late entries will be accepted UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. It is recommended that you keep a photocopy of your results card before posting. Recorded delivery is the recommended method of posting as SSADL cannot be held responsible for cards lost in the post. Should you require an acknowledgement of receipt of card(s), please enclose an s.a.e. Scores will be checked and any discrepancies will be raised with the competitor. Results will be issued during February. The organisers’ decision is final and binding always. Prizes will be awarded depending on entries. Trophies will be awarded to the winner from each group. 1st–6th will receive rosettes and prize cards by post.

All competitors gaining 800 points or more will receive a rosette by post.

NOTE: Ponies/horses must be registered with SSADL Showing/Dressage each year to be eligible for the Achievement Awards Scheme and the same rider/handler/animal combination must remain throughout the year.

One card per horse/pony rider/handler combination

Event                                               Code         Event                                                    Code

Ridden Showing                                   A             Combined Training                                 B

In-Hand Showing                                  A             Eventing                                                    B

Dressage                                                A             Hunter Trials                                            B

Side Saddle                                           A             Driving – Private/Pleasure                    B

Show Jumping                                     A             Le Trec                                                      B

Working Hunter Horse/Po                                 A             Organised Pleasure Rides                    B

Riding Club Horse/Pony                     A


Class placing                         1st           2nd          3rd           4th           5th           6th


                                   500         400         300         250         200         150

Code B                                   450         360         270         225         180         135


Champion = 400  Reserve Champion = 300


Show Day Champion=600                          Show Day Reserve Champion=500

Show Day Supreme Champion=1000      Show Day Supreme Reserve Champion=700

Show Day Supreme 1st Reserve Champion=500


Supreme Champion=2000

Supreme Reserve Champion=1000    All placings beyond Champions and Reserve will be awarded=500